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Oct 12, 2012 1:00am EDT
quote this is what we will cut. >> that is how you get things done. let me say it this way. >> a republican congress working bipartisan way? 7% rating? >> mitt romney was a governor of massachusetts for 87% of the legislature he worked with was democrats. he did not demonize them. he met with them every week. he reached across the aisle and did not compromise principles. he balanced the budget. >> why is he even contesting massachusetts? >> from tonight's debate -- you can post and share clubs as you are seeing tonight from the debate. it is all from the debate hub on
Oct 31, 2012 8:00am PDT
against one another? why don't they repel? and let me say this, the electrical force is awesome. it's a billion, billion, billion, billion times stronger than the gravitational forces between these particles. billion, billion, billion, billion. so it's an enormous electrical force tending to repel them. and why don't they simply repel? well, it turns out you're gotta get to the last chapter in the book. and the last chapter in the book you find out, honey, there's a force even stronger than the electrical force, yes, there is, but only up-close. and that force is called strong force or weak force? strong. strong force. call it strong nuclear force. and it's a strong nuclear force that holds this thing together in spite of the electrical repulsion. and later on, you're gonna learn that when a nucleus gets too big, and these charges are far away, the nuclear force holding them together is weak compared to the electrical force, so they fly apart. and we'll learn that those atoms are called radioactive atoms. and all that has to do with the electrical forces between the nucleons. so thi
Oct 3, 2012 3:00pm PDT
both for coming on the show. >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> erin, let me go to you first. mitt romney is behind. what does he need to cover up? what does he need to do tonight? >> he needs to show, especially middle class voters, that he has a plan. we've already heard from the obama campaign that the president is likely to push mitt romney on specifics and in the past couple of days he has telegraphed that we might see more specifics like immigration, especially tax policy. that's what we're going to be hearing more from him tonight, some specifics so that when a president bushes him, he's ready. >> now, one of the big gaffes or big mistakes, sin nilla, that we've seen from rom knee is this tape, the 47% and that's bound to come ut many say tonight, either from the president or from the moderator. bill clinton today, take a listen. >> i couldn't believe the other day when the president's opponent said 47% of american people who don't pay income tax just want to hang around and be president. we just have to wean them off because they don't want to pay income tax. now, a g
FOX News
Oct 2, 2012 9:00pm PDT
. >> sean: let me play that through this prism. that's when i interview audio remember, reverend wright was in the audience. this is june. he was dis-invited from the -- from the invocation when obama announced he's running for president. came on my show, two months later. this is the last interview that reverend wright d. hear what he said about black liberation theology and when he goes on to say in that particular clip there because we talk about the black people in church. here's my exchange with reverend wright. this is on the web site today. let me just inform our audience. i want you to respond, if you can. it says commitment to god. by the way, i am with you. commitment to the black community. commitment to the black family. adherence to the black work ethic. reverend, if every time we said black, if it was a church and those words were white, wouldn't we call that church racist? >> we would call it christianity. we have been saying, there was a white christianity, we have been saying that since white christians took place in the slave trade and since they have had churches in s
Oct 23, 2012 8:00am PDT
again? how does light get through glass? let me give you a little scenario of something like how that works. light is a throbbing spark of electromagnetic energy, huh? and that throbbing spark of electromagnetic energy has a certain frequency, at a certain frequency at which it throbs, yeah. and when that, whoom, hits into a piece of glass, that glass got any atoms in there? how many say, "oh, no, the glass probably don't have any atoms"? come on, the glass got atoms. and what's the atom have around its nucleus? begin with e. - electrons. - electrons. and guess what those electrons will do when that electromagnetic energy hits it like this. hit, boom, they'll start moving the same way. they'll be set into vibration, okay? now, what's a vibrating electron do? oscillating. did we talk about that before? what's a vibrating electron do? what does it emit? oscillates. an electromagnetic wave. so that light will be captured by the atom. and them, boom, the atom will vibrate. and, foom, send out its own light wave. that catches the next atom. when that light wave hits that atom, what's
Oct 12, 2012 11:00am PDT
. you'd make a lovely ann, we'll talk about that for halloween. nevertheless, michael, let me start off with you. governor mike huckabee just gave an interview. he described joe biden as coming off as an obnoxious drunk. senator marco rubio referred to biden as a heckler, very few of the comments coming from republicans have to do anything with perhaps the substance of what he said, meaning he lied or biden didn't tell the truth on this or that. it's all about this tone. what do we make of the assessment, particularly referring to him as someone who came off as an obnoxious drunk? >> well, i think that's over the line. totally out of the box and over the line. in fact, probably the disappointment from mike huckabee is in the fact that he looked at that screen last night and he saw paul ryan who if he's not the vice president come january, will be the conservative standard bearer for at least the next four years. that's probably what drives huckabee's comments. look, the contrast last night was stunning. i don't mean between ryan and the vice president. i mean between biden and obama. be
Comedy Central
Oct 17, 2012 11:30pm PDT
so much, ladies and gentlemen. folks, good to have you with us. hey, hey, let me ask you something, everybody see that debate last night? butn't that great? i mean, romney clearly won. and, folks, i am not just saying that, i am saying that on tv. so if you're an undecided voter who did not watch, just trust me, it is 2 and 0. even though, even though, folks, the night was clearly stacked against mitt. after that first debate debacle, barack obama had definitely won the low expectations game. >> for obama the bar is rather low, compared to the first debate all he has to do is string a few sentences together, coherently to make eye contact with a single extentient human and show the slightest animation in his face. >> colbert: charles kraut hammer is right, low bar, obama's last debate performance was so bad .. that bar was set at charles kraut hammer. >> now, mitt, on the other hand, mitt, mitt romney, much greater challenge. >> we are told that they have practiced to such a level of detail that he even was preparing how he sits and there is a good reason for that. he is going to
Oct 21, 2012 6:00pm EDT
trust. the ctc foundation. afo communications. >> let me backtrack. educate me. when i say dr. seyyed nasr, to conclude hossein -- >> hossein is my first name, seyyed is an honorific name given to my family. >> but the first name is important? >> yes, hossein is my first name. >> thank you. i will call you dr. as well. in islam, there is no picture of god, is there? >> no, and in this sense, it is similar to judaism. one cannot make an image of god. to make an image is to limit. you cannot have an image without limitation of lines, colors, forms, so forth. god is beyond limitation. >> wherever one is creating, it is there a feeling of an intellectual concept? >> it is all of those. first of all, is the presence, then a feeling, and then an intellectual point. sometimes a warmth, elements of nature that are symbolic of pretoria letties. but in give you an example. protestants also reject pictures of god. in protestant churches, especially lutheran churches, you do not have pictures of god. when a young boy praise to god, he does not have a statue of god in front of him, like a hindu bo
Oct 14, 2012 10:00am PDT
deserve better. >> cheryl: let me talk to you about this. why should people vote no. nobody disagrees that they need more but you don't like this one? >> remember, california spend immense amount of money. our budget went up $5.6 billion which is 5.6% increase. inflation is 1.7%. why are we spending so much more? we need to look at the entire budget and go item by item to see where all the ceremony going. nobody can really tell you. like with a lot of these things. the devil is in the details if you look beyond this measure. it eliminates funds for mandates. for instance, the brown act which is open meetings rules will no longer be funded by the state. so if the state passes mandates they will tell the cities, counties and various municipalities you have to pick up the tab. >> cheryl: let me get back now. you are listening to this. let me ask you, who are the people in favor? >> just one point. one thing about prop 30 if it does not pass we will face $67 billion in cuts to -- $6 billion cuts. we will face layoffs, we will face up to 15 furlough days that means closed schools. that is
Oct 31, 2012 3:30am PDT
depend on it. nancy said it very well but let me just say what the ridership is expected to be. when this central subway opens in 2019 daily ridership along the third street line is estimated to be 43,700. this is expected to rise to 65,000 people per day in 2030. this project is estimated to have the second highest ridership per mile of all subway and light rail proposals seeking federal funding nationwide, and it will be the most happily used muni line. that's the rational for this project. no question it's expensive. it's worth it if people use it. it's worth it if they stay out of the automobile. it's worth it if it aids in creating space on our bus lines so it's a very important project. i am here to help in my way which is as an appropriator in the senate. jackie has helped in her way. nancy has helped in her way as a leader of a great political party in washington, so mr. secretary everybody that is here we thank you for our responsiveness. it's just great to welcome you here and go giants. [applause] >> mateo county supervisor to both houses of our california state l
Oct 28, 2012 9:00am PDT
and everything else is obama campaign senior advisor david axelrod. good morning, david. let me start here with the storm. when you look at virginia where this is likely to be the swing state most affected, does anything worry you about that state being more or less paralyzed by weather for a couple three, four days? >> well, the first thing i think we should say is we're most concerned about people. this storm could affect 50 million americans. the president has been in close contact with fema and dhs and all the agencies that have responsibility here to make sure we're doing everything we can for people, and that's what he is going to continue to do throughout this -- throughout this storm, and in terms of how it affects the election, i don't think anybody really knows. obviously we want unfettered access to the polls because we believe that the more people come out, the better we're going to do, and so to the extent that it makes it harder, you know, that's a source of concern, but i don't know how all the politics will sort out. it depends on how scenarios are impacted and so the best
Oct 4, 2012 7:00am PDT
families are going to benefit too much from them? >> let me bring in nick khristoff. let me read one of your many tweets last night, nick. obama is such a gifted speaker but tonight he seemed passive, distracted and defensive. what happened? >> i mean n a word, he blew it. it is not the same as blowing a campaign. i think part of it was expectations and romney did much better than expectations. but beyond that, he let romney get away with accusing him of being the one who is undecided on big banks, on being the one who would let people lose their health insurance, of being the one who didn't care about the little guy. and essentially obama didn't push back. he didn't whack him. i think that's going to have to change in future debates. >> one of the questions going into this was how aggressive would mitt romney be. and he challenged a lot. let me play just a little clip to get your take. >> and congratulations to you, mr. president, on your anniversary. i'm sure this was the most romantic place you could imagine here with me. you said you would get a deduction for taking a plant overs
Oct 19, 2012 6:30pm EDT
-outbound winds rotating right over the area. let me give you a different perspective on that. i'll take the map view here. i want to head over into storm track and give you the cities again. just to give you where the line of next arrival will be on this particular cell. again, rotation indicated by radar. this could be a very brief spinup. but there it is. that's our inbound-outbound velocity coup let. what you're looking at here is red -- all these shaded areas in red, those are moving away from our sterling, virginia radar sign. green are moving towards the radar site. that is a full rotating structure in this storm. perhaps touching down. perhaps staying elevated. we can't say for sure, but this is why we have an active tornado warning in central baltimore county, and that's why we're bringing the live coverage as we speak. again, a little different perspective here. here is the storm in motion. you can see the embedded thunder and lightning here. the same storm cell came over the northwest side of the beltway now into the center heart of baltimore county and moving into north central balti
Oct 8, 2012 12:00am EDT
of them not so nice. let me tell you my favorite -- it was when mitt romney came to britain and called me "mr. leader." i don't know about you but i think it has a certain ring to it myself, it's sort of half- way to north korea. mitt, thanks a lot for that. let me tell you a bit of insight in to conference. i always look forward to conference. but the leader's speech, as previous leaders will attest, can be a bit of a trial. you get all kinds of advice from people. say this, don't say that. smile here, don't smile there. stand there, don't stand there. thanks tony, gordon and neil for that. but sometimes you get a bit fed up with it as the leader. and so the other day, and this is an absolutely true story, i decided that to get away from it all, the speechwriting, all of that, i'd go for a walk with my three year old son, daniel. it was an absolutely gorgeous late summer day. so we went out, i wanted to go to the park. here's the first thing he said to me, "daddy, i can help you with your speech." i was, like, not you as well. he is a miliband after all. and he said to me, "daddy, you ca
FOX News
Oct 11, 2012 6:00pm PDT
-- >> let me tell you what the ayatollahs sees his economy being crippled. the ayatollah sees there are 50% fewer exports of oil, they see the currency going into the tank. he sees the economy going into a freeh fall and he sees the world for the first time, totally united in opposition to him getting a nuclear weapon. with regard to b.b., my friend for 49 years, the president's met with b.b. a dozen times. he has spoken to netanyahu as much as he's spoken to anybody -- i was in -- just before he went to the u.n., i was in a conference call with the president with him talking to b.b. for well over an hour. and stark relief and detail about what was going on. this is a bunch of stuff. look, here's the deal-- >> reporter: what does that mean, "a bunch of stuff"? >> he's irish. [laughter] >> we irish call it malarky. >> but last thing, the secretary of defense has made it absolutely -- you can't walk anything back. we will not allow the iranians to get a nuclear weapon. what b.b. held up there was when they get to the point where they can enrich uranium enough to put into a weapon. they don'
Oct 6, 2012 12:00am PDT
new. maybe he's scared of change but if he would just let me, perhaps i could help him real estate range his thought process. so how about we put this game on pause instead of sneaking around like mice because we can focus on making an amazing display of something 35eusing, earth taking, something unfailing, smag maysing the but -- something amazing. but i can see it's impossible, unimaginable, and very unexplainable. i may not like it. i may hate it, hate it with every inch of movie body, with every atom that makes up my existence, every molecule, every cell in my system but life isn't like one big, bird and you can't always have things your way. before i say goodbye, there's this guy and when he smiles, everything just seems all right. [cheers and applause] >> up next is my girl lajenae. >> ok, well, my name -- the majority of people call me la. i wrote this poem this morning and it's dedicated to a couple of people in the audience right now. so -- never had someone like you. i understand you can only be you but does you include us? does you include the ones you are supposed to c
FOX News
Oct 21, 2012 3:48pm EDT
topic. four people are dead. >> absolutely. this administration. let me get my sentence out. this administration has treated this entire tragedy with the utmost seriousness. at the same time we're doing that, we have two people campaigning around the country accusing us of covering something up. >> bret: but in the vice presidential debate itself, the moderator makes libya her first question. >> wasn't this some massive intelligence failure. >> it was a tragedy. we will get to the bottom of it. mistakes that were made will not be made again. >> what we are watching is unraveling of the obama foreign policy. >> they wanted more security there. >> we were told -- we did not though they wanted more security there. >> biden not only places the blame squarely on the state department and intelligence community, but he also seems to flatly contradict what state department officials have said under oath. that sends the administration back-pedaling the next day. >> what the vice president said. >> we pachbtd more security there. >> he was never briefed more security was needed. >> cl
Oct 24, 2012 7:30pm PDT
it's moving people, you know, away from the true thing. let me get chris and helen, because i saw you first, and then susanna, and then we'll take you. >> he spoke about reincarnation and actually rising from the dead. as a religious studies professor, could you speak a little more on that, like from- because i don't know. i don't know. that's always been a key question of mine is where does heaven come in, in some of these religions, and is it a concern, is it not a concern; sometimes it is, sometimes it's not? >> well, yeah, yeah. see, i think the point he's trying to make and the juxtaposition is it's his turnaround on eastern religion- you know, that's his put-down. he says that if you got a reincarnation, you've got no physical death and resurrection- that's what he's saying. so he's saying you can't have one or the other, because that's everything in his mind- you can't have one or the other; you know, you've got to have one thing. you can't, you know, cross boundaries, because that's the mind set. so what he's saying there is that if you're going to be reincarnating, then the p
Oct 28, 2012 9:00am PDT
] >> marty, let me ask you, you're obviously part of the california district attorney's association, as we were talking before the panel began, you shared with me that your organization has previously supported a measure that mark leno brought forward to lower the punishment for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana to a misdemeanor to an infraction. in this case your organization is essentially opposed to it. what do you say to mr. adelman and mr. gascon? >> i think one of the things i want to point out is that in terms of the changes currently taking place in california's criminal justice system is that we have embarked on a very, very large experiment and that's called realignment. prison population in california is going to approach by -- or sometime next year the federal mandate of 130,000. we've already released some 50,000 individuals to serve their time locally, and these offenses that we were talking about here are currently in the list of offenses that were to be served in county jails now. and if the notion here is to provide services and treatment to these individuals f
Comedy Central
Oct 18, 2012 10:30am PDT
, in fact, sir. so let me call it an act of terror -- >> can you say that a little louder, candy? >> he did call it an act of terror. >> colbert: no, no, no, no, it is supposed to change everything the other way. are you okay? look, obama didn't actually say act of terror, did he, jim? >> no acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation. >> okay but acts of terror could refer to anything. i mean, how do we know he is talking about benghazi in that benghazi speech the day after the benghazi attacks? he could have been talking about beloved character actor ben gazzara because folksily tell you there is a scandal that he does not get more roles. what? gazzara is dead? happened on obama's watch. >> folks, that's true. that should have been mitt's moment of chest thumping dominance over the carcass of his opponent, and it would have been too if it hadn't been for that meddling moderator. >> did governor romney have two opponents on that stage. >> it was disgraceful what candy crowley did. >> she inserted her self again and again into this debate. >> colbert: candy stuck he
Oct 10, 2012 3:00pm PDT
anything. and erin, the president is calling him on this. let me show you what we just got in, what the president said in an interview today. >> he thinks that it is appropriate for politicians to inject themselves in those decisions. governor romneys has made it very clear that if a bill comes to his desk that overturns rroe versus wade, that he will overturn that. >> president obama is calling him on what he said, he would sign a bill to overturn roe versus wade. he says he would put people on the court that would lean towards that. the facts are the facts, erin. >> absolutely. romneys was lying when he said he wasn't awar of that on his agenda. so -- and he chose a running mate in which he said he was going to own the 38 bills that paul ryan co-sponsored in the house to limit reproduction rights including access to birth control. so that's absolutely false and the president is absolutely right to point out to the supreme court, we are absolutely one vote away from overturning roe v. wade. we are one vote away from the safe and legal abortion access in this country. >> it's fright
FOX Business
Oct 21, 2012 2:30am EDT
. spend less,ewer employees. >> let me say one other thing if'm a worker, i think i want is because i don't trust my government. they could b broke. i could be in the streets like the greeks. give me the money and let me go home and work with it. >> johnathan. >> it's a great point. the sooner we attend to these problems, the sooner we can fix them. we let them go for decades and they blow up like greece spain or other collectivist states. >> i'll come live down by you, right? >> come live with me in bermuda. what melissa says about the post office is right they need to lay off 200,000 people. this is going on in cities and stat. christian, you don't want to get rid of talented workers but they don't have the money. san bernardino is laying off school crossing guards. a lot of money comes from pensions and the assumings that 8.5% nobody's making that. >> christian, could it -- codn't you argue that people taking a buyout could prevent a bailout down the road? >> look, i'm not against buyouts in all circumstance. i
FOX News
Oct 20, 2012 8:30am PDT
to be smaller to work. spend less, fewer employees. >> let me say one other thing, if i'm a worker, i think i want this because i don't trust my government. they could be broke. i could be in the streets like the greeks. give me the money and let me go home and work with it. >> johnathan. >> it's a great point. the sooner we attend to these problems, the sooner we can fix them. we let them go for decades and they blow up like greece, spain or other collectivist states. >> i'll come live down by you, right? >> come live with me in bermuda. what melissa says about the post office is right, they need to lay off 200,000 people. this is going on in cities and states. christian, you don't want to get rid of talented workers but they don't have the money. san bernardino is laying off school crossing guards. a lot of money comes from pensions and the assumings, that 8.5%, nobody's making that. >> christian, could it -- couldn't you argue that people taking a buyout could prevent a bailout down the road? >> look, i'm not against buyouts in all circumstance. i just suggest it's not the magic to solving
Oct 2, 2012 2:00pm PDT
. on the way to denver. but let me start with where we are this night before the first presidential debate. our late and much respected colleague tim russert used to say, numbers, numbers, numbers, and that's what this election comes down do, who gets that 270 electoral votes and who doesn't. what's fascinating this year is what numbers seem to matter most in deciding voters and how they do vote. two numbers jump out at me this election year. the first, which got famous months ago, is 1%. that top, the people making the most, getting the best breaks on taxes and other things. the second number that just broke out recently is 47%. it's that part of america that mitt romney has dismissed as freeloaders, moochers, takers in his words. i'm joined by howard fineman with "the huffington post." also we have romney's -- let's take a look at this howard, romney's 47% comments had a lasting impact on his standing. "the washington post" reported just today, quote, in the two weeks since the surreptitious video of the remarks surfaced, they have pierced the national consciousness in a way few blunders do.
Oct 15, 2012 7:00am PDT
the difference on election day. >> let me bring in senator john borasso, republican from wyoming. good to have you here in new york. >> thank you, chris. >> so we saw how quickly things could change as the result of one debate. mitt romney's numbers are up. his likability is up which is something that he lagged far behind the president on. could it switch back just as quickly? >> well, tomorrow's debate i think is going to be even a larger audience watching because of how poorly the president performed in the first debate and how well mitt romney did. there's going to be a lot of interest in this. the energy and enthuse see a. is clearly with mitt romney and the romney campaign. you'll see 90 minutes tomorrow. these men have records for all of their lives. the president's record is raising taxes, increasing the debt and not bringing back the jobs that he promised. >> to that point, let me go to chas changing for the president which is people feel better about where the country is headed. we saw the unemployment rate come below 8% which took away a major talking point for mitt romney. home pric
Oct 21, 2012 6:00pm PDT
-- that is why you had this change. i don't think it is a great mystery -- >> let me hear from mark. >> the case to be made that romney essentially came out for affirmative action and said it "let's go looking for women at." that is the bane of conservatives' existence -- that is what mitt romney said, "let's go find some women." secondly, i would point out this -- romney is in a mad dash to the middle. contraception, universally available. immigration, no roundups. add to that is affirmative action, and you have got a guy who has essentially taken positions now that if he had taken them in the primaries, he would have lost. what obama does to respond is five times mentions planned parenthood. that becomes his mantra. i don't think that abortion is the overriding issue to every woman in america. it is an important issue for a lot of women -- >> he did not mention abortion. >> he just keeps talking about planned parenthood -- he never once mentioned labor unions, he never once mentioned any of these traditional democratic constituencies. >> i don't think that for the swing voters, the ones who ar
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 8,082 (some duplicates have been removed)